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The project consists in the construction of a small dam 2.5 km downstream of the outlet of Lake Qattaakuluup Tasinga.  The dam will not only be used for the diversion of the river but will also provide access to the south bank of the river for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).  The flow of the river used for energy generation will be diverted through an intake structure and steel penstock which will lead to a separate powerhouse located further downstream.
The Innavik Hydroelectric Project is a small hydroelectric generating station (~7 MW) that is being developed for the village of Inukjuak by the Pituvik Landholding Corporation (PLC).  It will be located on the Innuksuac River approximately 10 km from the village and will, in the spirit of sustainable development, produce clean energy while reducing the village’s dependency on fossil fuels which have been used to date for electrical generation and for heating

In addition to the environmental benefits related to the construction of the generating station, the project will also provide economic and social benefits to the Inuit beneficiaries and all community residents through their participation in the development process, by creating jobs
Having already completed a pre-feasibility study which examined the potential for development of several sites along the Innuksuac and Kongut rivers, the project is currently in the feasibility stage.  During this stage, a final design for the works at the selected site will be established and the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project will be completed.  Once the feasibility study is completed (estimated as end of  2009), the report will be presented to the Inuit beneficiaries of Inukjuak for final approval.
and by the investment of revenues into the community that are generated from the sale of electricity to Hydro-Quéec.
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