Innavik "Top Ten"
The top priority for the Innavik Project is to ensures that the Environment is Protected including the Inukjuak River and the surrounding area is protected, and unharmed by the proposed small hydro development.

Innavik is a well-planned project with a strong Project Management System and Team.

The Innavik Project is locally led by the Pituvik Landholding Corporation in the interests of the Inuit Beneficiaries and residents of Inukjuak.

The overall approach for the Innavik Project takes a long-term Sustainable Development Approach

A major goal is to have the Innavik Project be a Driver for Economic and Social Development in Inukjuak and for Nunavik. 

The Innavik Project will use only Proven and Safe Technologies and Hydro Approaches.

The Innavik Project place an emphasis on Reliable, Cost-Effective Power Generation.

By replacing diesel fuel consumption with clean hydro electric power, Innavik will benefit the environment and reduce a large number of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emissions.

Innavik will be majority-owned locally by PLC for the Inuit Beneficiaries and Local Residents of Inukjuak.

Innavik is a win-win project for All Stakeholders and Governments in Nunavik and Quebec.










Project Features